Estimated Delivery times

We ship the order in 24hrs. The package gets forwarded to destination country in 48hrs. The package gets scanned as In-Transit When It arrives in your country. You can track it on your local carrier's tracking screen. Some countries do random check. That means If your package falls into this group, It may take longer to be updated as In-Transit. Be confident It will be delivered. We do re-send for free, Incase of unexpected long delays. If that happens, Mostly, You end up with both packages. We are confident of our packing. Our Delivery rate is more than %98.

  • USPS 14-19 Days
  • Royal Mail 9-14 Days
  • Canada Post 4-6 Weeks
  • EU Countries 10-14 Days
  • Australia 1 Month

Payment Progress

We care our Customers, Our job is to get you delivered with the top quality product. We do our job well but Payment method is the toughest topic among AAS customers. Please follow our directions to pay your order, All we want is you to pay less commissions at the highest privacy. We are trying to give you the best deals as know these products are not cheap.

  • Feel Free to ask about Payment Methods
  • No Room for Scamming Here
  • Unfortunately Pay Pal stopped serving in Turkey in 2016 July. Remember that Even If you could have paid on Pay Pal, you still would receive a bad product. Mutual trust is the main goal here
  • Always pay Online to get the most Privacy
  • Consider long term business with your seller

What happens If I dont get delivered ?

Even If the order gets delayed; We are confident that you will be delivered. For New Comers, sometimes that can be hard to deal with. We track our packages everyday, update you and We generally know If it ever get into delay or stuck at Random Control. Stay calm, You will get the product my friend. We have no intention of losing you as a Customer.

  • We do Re-Sends without any Question
  • Random Check can be Annoying
  • Our Delivery Rate is very High

Is Bank Wire OK ?

Swift costs %20 Commission for both sides - %40 in total. It is a waste of time. Dont even think about it. Our payment methods are the easiest ever. Try to use them.

  • No Swift
  • No Bank Wire
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