Estimated Delivery times

  • Some countries do random check. That means If your package falls into this group, It may take longer to be updated as In-Transit. Be confident It will be delivered. We are confident of our packing.
  • USPS 14-19 Days
  • Royal Mail 9-14 Days
  • Canada Post Air 9-10 Days
  • Canada Post Surface 3 Weeks
  • EU Countries 10-14 Days
  • Australia 20-28 Days

Payment Progress

  • Names get flagged pretty quick, Transfers get cancelled even If you do your best, So, You must be aware that the payment errors happens a lot in this business.
  • So stay calm Mate, The most important thing is to get you delivered the best product because getting delivered the bad one can ruin your diet, your schedule and your wallet.
  • Payment process must be resolved by mutual agreement and trust. What you need is a solid provider, NOT easiest payment method.
  • No Swift ! It costs %20 Commission for both sides - %40 in total. It is a waste of time.
  • Feel Free to ask about Payment Methods
  • Pay Pal stopped serving in Turkey in 2016 July. Even If you could have paid on Pay Pal, you still would receive a bad product.
  • Pay Online to get the highest Privacy
  • No Direct Bank Wire, It means It is a swift.

Shipping | Customs | Reship

  • We email you the tracking number in 24hrs, following a successful payment.
  • Package gets forwarded to destination country in 2|3 days maximum. It shows up as In-Transit When It is identified by receiving country. It then becomes trackable on your local carrier.
  • In case of Customs Held, We do Reship for free without any Question.
  • Random Customs Check Waiting Period can be Annoying. For New Comers, that can be hard to deal with. Stay calm, You will get the product my friend.
  • We consider long term business with you, so, We have no intention of losing you as a Customer. No Room for Funny Business here !
  • Packing differs based on destination Country.
  • Products are shipped with proper documents, to prevent Customs Held.
  • Be Cool, Our Delivery rate is more than 98 % !


  • We are trying to offer you the best discounts and un-advertised promotions, You are also offered good deals and free products along with your order.
  • Loyalty Bonuses for Returning Customers
  • Instant Discounts on Combo Orders
  • Pharmacy Freebies for all Goldenboy Orders
  • Amazing Discounts on Bulk Orders! Mail Us
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