HMR Program

The HMR Program (Health Management Resources Program) uses meal replacements – think low-calorie shakes, meals, nutrition bars and hot cereal – in phases, coaching from experts, physical activity and an emphasis on fruits and vegetables to help dieters shed pounds fast. For the third straight year, the diet has the No. 1 ranking to itself. "This diet makes it easy to lose weight fast and would likely be effective for someone who wants to lose weight for a specific event," one expert says. "However, as far as long-term healthy-habit-forming, this diet falls short" in part because dieters don't learn to make their own healthy food choices.

Weight Watchers Diet

WW is a plan that uses a point system to encourage followers to choose healthy, filling foods – claims you can shed up to 2 pounds a week. Experts back its ability to deliver quick results. Better yet? Those results are likely to last, thanks to the program’s emphasis on a balanced diet with no restrictions, as well as its built-in support system. "This is a tried-and-true plan with a proven track record, plus tools and support to help people succeed," one expert concludes.

Biggest Loser Diet

If you ever saw the TV show, you get the idea: Six weeks of healthy food and regular exercise is celebrated as a great start to a weight-loss journey – as well as a way to prevent or reverse various diseases. Fair enough. Experts determined that the Biggest Loser Diet is very likely to help you shed pounds, thanks to calorie restriction and exercise. But a study suggested the diet can lead to a permanent dip in metabolism, and experts also worry that the exercise guidance – as much as three hours a day – is excessive and a lot harder for average Joes than for TV stars-in-the-making.

Keto Diet

Butter, bacon, burgers..Meals consisting of high-fat foods like these are attraction points of the keto diet, an extremely low-carb, high-fat plan that aims to send you into ketosis, a state in which your body is forced to burn fat, not sugar, for energy. Though quick weight loss is indeed likely on the keto diet, experts don't recommend it for most people since it lacks nutritional variety and is unsustainable long term. As one expert puts it: "It is a rigid diet, it is not environmentally friendly and we don't have epidemiological evidence of populations eating this way." In other words: Follow at your own risk.

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