Test Deca - Mass

10 mL 200 mg/mL nandrolone decanoate

10 mL 200 mg/mL testosterone (enanthate or cypionate)

Cholesterol Support: Lipid Stabil (3 caps/day) and Fish Oil (4 g/day)

Estrogen Support: tamoxifen (20-40 mg/day) or anastrozole (0.5-1 mg/day)

Testosterone with nandrolone is considered to be one of the most fundamental 2 drug combination stacks. Nandrolone compliments the androgenic base of testosterone by supplementing additional anabolic activity without strong estrogenicity. The resulting stack is almost as productive as a cycle utilizing a higher dose of testosterone alone, but less problematic in terms of estrogenic side effects such as water retention, gynecomastia, and fat buildup. Estrogen conversion is still formidable enough to warrant the use of an estrogen maintenance drug, however, and this stack remains in the realm of mass building instead of lean mass or cutting.

Week Testosterone Nandrolone
1 200mg/day 200mg/day
2 200mg/day 200mg/day
3 200mg/day 200mg/day
4 300mg/day 300mg/day
5 300mg/day 300mg/day
6 300mg/day 300mg/day
7 300mg/day 300mg/day
8 200mg/day 200mg/day