USA | Where to buy Dnp 2.4 Dinitrophenol ?

USA|Where to buy dnp dinitrophenol ?

Goldenboy Dnp is a top quality product with a massive burn capacity. Mgs are accurate. No additives included. It provides great results IF accompanied by a proper diet.

Availability of products intended for human use is entirely in the underground realm, where products, dosages, and safety are not the subject of government approval.

The fatal dose in adults is about 1 to 3 g by mouth, and 3 g has proved fatal even in divided doses over a period of 5 days. DO NOT OVERDOSE.
FOODS, antioxidants, high-fibers, digestives are good allies to DNP.
COMBINATIONS, medicine combinations, alcohol, stuff, drugs, are more HARMFUL when combined with DNP so DO NOT USE any of these if you intend to use DNP.
ALLERGY, DNP increases body temperature and may cause allergic reactions on skin so have your allergic tests prior to use.